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2019 Elite Choice Music Group / CDM Music Group

Artist Bio

As a millennial artist who is a product of his internet influences, Dutch Revz brings to the table a fusion of alt-rock, pop, and trap in his music catalogue. Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Dutch Revz originally emerged into the Toronto rap scene as a producer for the likes of Yung Tory, Jordan Solomon DillanPonders and more. After making waves locally, Dutch transitioned into full-time vocalist with his debut record For A While in 2018.

Dutch’s uncanny ability to seamlessly transition from hard-hitting distorted bass records like Max Payne to more pop-friendly, melodic tracks like Pick Me Up is a testament to the eclectic nature of his prowess. With a unique look to pair with, the young artist looks to push the boundaries of internet virality as he carves his way to stardom.

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